Our Story


Drinks and Drives is a magazine featuring two of the world’s most beloved activities: traveling, and imbibing. We are here to highlight and participate in a new culture that is quickly growing and taking our nation by storm. We are self-proclaimed craft beer snobs dedicated to the art of creating, reviewing, educating, and expanding our own knowledge on all things alcohol related.

D&D Magazine is a journey in every post, an adventure in every page, and an experience with every visit. We tour the country in search of the greatest and most unique breweries, distilleries, restaurants, pubs, and bars, exposing some of the most worthwhile pit-stops and vacation additions that exist across the nation. From the small-town dive bar to the nationally-known brewery, our team is devoted to the pursuit of hoppiness, and we will not stop drinking until we have uncovered every worthy and unworthy establishment in every corner of the world.

Simply put; we love beer, we love traveling, and we want you all to join us.