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Advertisement Opportunities

Looking for extra exposure for your own brewery, bar, or restaurant? Drinks & Drives Magazine is here for you! We are devoted to increasing awareness of the craft beer culture that surrounds us through our articles, our trips, and our online catalogue. If you’re interested in discussing advertising packages or ways we might be able to partner up for an event or article feature, do not hesitate to e-mail Justin at

Event Partnerships

Have an upcoming event and want to increase attendance? We’d love to help out. Our team is small, but we are resourceful, dedicated, and passionate. Reach out to us and let’s see what we can make happen!

Outreach and Expansion

Looking to expand upon your brewery’s outreach and develop the reach of your beers? Let Drinks & Drives Magazine help you out with our extensive network of intimate contacts throughout the country! Our primary goal is to bring good places better beer, so why not let us help your local brewery out in our own expansion efforts? Whether you’re new to the distribution game, or looking to tap into a new market locale, we’d love to work with your needs and see your beer on some more shelves and in some more bars!